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We can help you

Our passion for what we do creates an attitude among st our staff that is helpful and willing to listen to your requirements. In everything we do we ask ourselves; ‘how can we help this client improve their finances’. We know the challenges of managing finance, that’s why we are able to provide specific solutions to meet your requirements across all finance matters in your business. Every incoming call our staff receive is challenged by the question; ‘how helpful have I been to that client?’

Business Advisory

We provide business advice and guidance across all stages of business development. We focus on the financial areas of your business and can advise on how certain business decisions can impact your financial situation. If you are planning to invest in new product ranges, expanding into new markets or any other business advance, consult with us to get the best advice.

Tax Advisory Service

Our Tax Advisory Service makes up one of our largest teams. Limited companies, Partnerships, and some unincorporated organisations need to send tax returns to the HM Revenue & Customs on an annual basis. Tax can be very complicated! The experience we have in our team with dealing with tax means we are one of the best at it. Growing your business through an acquisition, or even natural growth can add to the complexity of your business tax affairs. Make sure you consult us before you move forward to ensure everything is covered.

Are you thinking of selling your business? If you don’t get the quality advice before you proceed, a large amount of its sale value could disappear in tax. Hinton Abbott can advise you on the sale of your business, and to make sure you don’t trip over any tax implications.

We’ve been dealing with VAT for years! A lot of people think VAT is the simplest tax to deal with, however don’t fall prey to the expensive mistakes that can be made – consult us first for peace of mind.

Management Accounting & Financial Accounting

At Hinton Abbott we want businesses to generate meaningful management information so they can control the business and drive it forward. We have found that careful processing of accounting data can ensure that management reporting is both easy to analyse and informative. We have the depth of knowledge needed to advise you on different software packages available. Get advice before you purchase, rather than acquiring a system that is too expensive, not flexible enough and just plain cumbersome. To find out how we can assist you with monthly, quarterly or even ad-hoc reporting contact Chris Pittock on 01793 686454 or email chris.pittock@hintonabbott.com. Our strong reputation has been built through hitting agreed deadlines and working to precise technical standards. We create your accounts so they are not just something you prepare because you have to legally, but also a valuable tool to use in your business.

We work with Limited companies, Sole traders, Partnerships, Limited Liability, Partnerships, Charities, Community Interest Companies, Clubs and Associations, Solicitors and Pension schemes.

Outsourced Book-Keeping

Out Outsourced Book-Keeping Team can help you run your business more successfully. You will have peace of mind knowing your book-keeping is in safe hands and that you will get accurate information when you need it.

Company Formation

You will need top advise if you are thinking of forming a limited company. Hinton Abbott will ensure it is set up in the right way from the outset. Forming a company with the wrong structure can be difficult to resolve, and very costly. That is why we offer a complete company formation service where we can take you through the process step by step so you get it right the first time. So you can choose the right solution for your company, we offer various cost packages.

Business Start Up

Starting a new business can be both an exciting and slightly daunting experience. We have been advising new start-up businesses for years, helping them from day one to get it right first time, so why not email chris.pittock@hintonabbott.com or contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation with one of our start-up specialists. We will happily give you an hour or two of our time, free and under no obligation, to talk about the future of your business so to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls that many new businesses fall into. During the meeting we can discuss issues such as: registering for VAT, minimising your tax liabilities, national insurance, Corporation Tax, PAYE, choosing the right accounting software etc.

Hinton Abbott have helped new businesses for years – we’ve seen how it’s typical that the tax affairs are left to the last! This is a costly mistake to make – why not contact us today and get it right before you start.

Payroll Services

Running your payroll can be a complex operation. There’s not only the administration to worry about, but also, the need to keep constantly up to date with ever-changing legislation and compliance issues. Please be assured that dealing with various government agencies, banks and pension providers can take up alot of your valuable time! That is why Hinton Abbott have built a team with the necessary expertise instantly available in house to manage the whole of the payroll function in your business. This is a very versatile service and we design it around our customers needs. We carry this service right through to making the payments to your staff electronically. Please contact us to find out more about this service on 01793 686454 or email info@hintonabbott.com.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance team will work with the business owner or senior finance staff to advise in many different areas including pensions, tax and VAT, valuations and law. We can help you identify potential targets for acquisition or potential purchasers and work with the business owner to develop the right approach. We’re often called to meetings to discuss these matters with the other parties involved. We also get involved in issuing letters and communicating with all parties to progress the potential transaction through to an acceptable agreement. Some of our corporate finance services include valuations, acquisitions, management buy-outs and buy-ins, HMRC clearances, business plans, tax and VAT advice etc.

Cashflow Forecasting

With our new Cash-flow forecasting software we at Hinton Abbott believe we are ahead of the market and are able to produce budgeted Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets, and Cashflow Forecasts for the coming months of your business, highlighting the potential highs and lows in your cash balances and eliminating any future shocks. You can run your business with the confidence that future finance trends have been anticipated.