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Our business was built on a solid foundation of tax and accountancy expertise and knowledge, and we’ve built on it ever since to provide everything our clients need.

Hinton Abbott Accountants offer a huge scope of financial services including tax advice, financial accounts, management accounts, PAYE services, and more.  We work with a large range of different industries and businesses of all types and sizes. We are the trusted accountants to many large established companies that have been trading for years, as well as the reliable trustworthy accountant that you need when starting a business. Whatever stage you are at, our team will guide you.

In every business, as it grows and matures it will need solid and well grounded advice on strategic planning, forecasting and growth management. Not only can we help with all these areas, we can also assist with the creation of a future exit strategy.

Our main focus is on the following key areas:

1) Quality of financial reporting. This should be accurate, detailed and timely enough to effectively base sound business decisions on, enabling all business issues to be viewed in the context of the overall business rather than in isolation. In persevering with this quest for quality many improvements are made to the business along the way.

2) Income tax and advising is our speciality. Our approach takes into account the tax impact at all points in the profit-making process and focuses on what is best for the client.

3) Forecasting and planning. A business needs to have a profit plan, a cash-flow plan and a plan for increasing equity. We assist clients in developing and managing this.

Hinton Abbott can take care of your year end accounts and tax returns, audits, payroll and strategic planning, forecasting and business advice – we will guide you, care for you and help you make the right decisions for your long term prosperity.

We look forward to working with you!


At Shenton Global Ltd, we have been a client of Hinton Abbotts for many many years and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. We have worked with the Senior Partner Chris Pittock and he is very diligent and accurate in his workings, yet very good at explaining and opening up the accounts to the Board as well. We find him very good to work with and value him as an honest and upright advisor to the Board.

Jody Meek | Managing Director | Shenton Group

Hinton Abbott are much more than accountants. Over the years they have been a great support to our business through their personable advice and guidance – a ‘go to’ source of business help. Their experience, combined with enthusiasm and attention to detail means Hinton Abbott provide us with a service that would be hard to improve on.

Jack Whiteside | Director | Kingsdown Nurseries