Cashflow Forecasting

With our new Cash-flow forecasting software we at Hinton Abbott believe we are ahead of the market and are able to produce budgeted Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets, and Cashflow Forecasts for the coming months of your business, highlighting the potential highs and lows in your cash balances and eliminating any future shocks. You can run your business with the confidence that future finance trends have been anticipated.

It’s expected that any business would experience cash flow difficulties at some stage – are you prepared?  The impact can be softened with good preparation and a well thought out plan.  Hinton Abbott will support you in keeping your cash flow healthy.  We’ve seen how poor debt management can have a major impact on cash flow.  We’ve seen the sad result of businesses relying on overdraft facilities.  Don’t leave it until it is too late, we can untangle the knots and get you free to grow your business.