Our Health & Safety department specialise in play equipment safety for education, hospitality and local councils.  We have a specialist team of accredited playground inspectors that meet the strict criteria set by the RPII .

The Challenge

Playground accident statistics UK:

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) says research indicates roughly 40,000 injuries to children per year on playgrounds.  Around 40% of injuries occur due to equipment.

Our Vision

“To accelerate the advent of a year without play equipment injuries in the UK”

We can help you

Our specialist knowledge on risk management within Play, Education, Sport, and the Leisure Sector facilitate our ability to provide dependable inspections, covering:

  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Outdoor, indoor sports and gymnasium facilities including changing rooms, ball games areas, goals, multi-sports areas, playing surfaces and school and recreation ground perimeters
  • Outdoor exercise and fitness equipment

After our inspections we are able to supply a comprehensive report with detailed findings.  We are also able to advise on actions to resolve any issues found.  We are able to undertake any remediation works and also advise on a maintenance program going forward.

For more information please contact chris.pittock@hintonabbott.com

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